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Round: 2015, Round 1


Writer/s: Alan Wilson, Peter Defries

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Director: Peter Buckley, Tim Brown

Title: Melanoma Spreads

Client: Melanoma Institute Australia

Script: Click here to download


Round: 2015, Round 1

Agency: Southern Cross Austereo

Writer/s: Matt Dickson

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Director: Matt Dickson

Title: We don't do husbands

Client: Allpest

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Round: 2015, Round 1

Studio/station: Cutting Edge

Sound Engineer: Mike Lange

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Creative Director: Sam Boyd

Creative Director Agency: Brendan Greaney

Title: Space Invaders

Client: Instant Scratch Its

Sydney boutique creative agency Disciple wins Round 1 of the 2015 Siren Awards
“Melanoma Spreads” a single ad for the Melanoma Institute Australia by Sydney boutique creative agency Disciple has won the single category and is the overall winner of the first round of Sirens 2015.  The 30 second ad written by Alan Wilson and Peter Defries from Disciple uses clever sound effects to highlight the insidious disease and how quickly the cancer Melanoma spreads.  
While the 2014 Sirens winners are enjoying their prize of a trip to Cannes this week, 2015 round one winners Wilson and Defries have the chance to win a trip next year.  
“Unfortunately we have both been affected by melanoma in one way or another. We wanted to do an ad that’s not just about the deadly nature of a melanoma, but also reinforces the speed in which it can spread.  It’s quite ironic that an ad about melanoma could give us a free trip to the sunny beaches of France, but hey, we’ll take it (with a bottle of sunscreen of course).”
The campaign category was won by a highly amusing three ad series called “We Don’t Do Husbands” from Southern Cross Austereo (SCA).  Written and directed by 2013 Sirens finalist, Matt Dickson, Creative Solutions Director at SCA, the ads are for pest solution company Allpest and highlight while some husbands maybe pests, Allpest doesn’t do husbands but they do get rid of nearly every other type of pest.  
The craft category was won by production agency Cutting Edge for a clever use of sound effects in the ad “Space Invaders” for Instant Scratch Its.   Sound engineer Mike Lange and director Sam Boyd used the sound effects of the iconic Space Invaders game to promote the limited edition Space Invaders Scratch It.  
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